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HFAC Partnership CIC LFAZ

The Historic Fourth Avenue Coalition (HFAC) and the Community Investment Corporation (CIC) are proud to have joined forces to focus on the unique challenges posed to Fourth Avenue area businesses during these unprecedented times.

The Support Team is also fortunate to be able to collaborate with the International Coaching Federation – Arizona Charter Chapter (ICF AZ)Local First Arizona, and the Fourth Avenue Merchants Association (FAMA) in this collective effort.

In addition, CIC invested $200,000 of our loan portfolio to support these small businesses either for the $10,000 microloan product or to help businesses reach a time-sensitive community-backed loan goal. 

CIC would like the give a hearty and heartfelt “SHOUT OUT!” to Jeff Koenig one of the outstanding volunteers who has contributed his time and talent to this critical support project.

Historic Fourth Avenue Coalition Volunteer Spotlight: JEFF KOENIG

"As a volunteer, I have observed CIC and the Historic Fourth Avenue Coalition be, to the businesses they are rallying behind, ones who "get it". Cheerleaders in their court can be as important to re-energizing entrepreneurs as the advice they receive." Jeff Koenig, Historic Fourth Avenue Coalition Volunteer

“It’s natural to take main street businesses and assume they will always be there. Most people don’t realize just how challenging it is to keep a small business open in an average year.”

Jeff's Support of POPCYCLE

"Jeff was very helpful in clearing up some questions we had concering the various types of federal assistance available to us. He was patient and answered all of our questions clearly. It was nice to be heard and he took the time to understand the situation unique to our business." Shannon Riggs, POPCYCLE

About Jeff Koenig

Jeff has been an integral part of the Historic Fourth Avenue Coalition formed to support businesses during these very challenging times.  

Jeff is passionate about small business, which is all about building relationships with people. He says the Historic Fourth Avenue businesses are artsy, mom and pop, unique, and local. They are what Main Street is. Jeff’s expertise, dedication, and time have made all the difference to this Main Street. 

Jeff brings varied experience and vast knowledge to his volunteer work having been a small business consultant, a strategic analyst, and Angel Investor for twenty years. With expertise in HR, PR, finances, management, marketing, and everything business, Jeff also serves on the National Small Business Association and is a member of the National Regulatory Fairness Board.  

Jeff ‘s credo is a life well-lived has always depended on how well one serves others. CIC knows well how Jeff serves others and sincerely appreciates his talents and his work.