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Tucson Agenda Covers Social Innovation Hackathon

The Daily Agenda: Brainstorming a brighter future

By Liv Leonard, Tucson Agenda Spring Reporter


The people tasked with solving the world’s problems are restricted by bureaucracy, rules and limitations that can be as challenging to navigate as the problems themselves.

But participants of Saturday’s Social Innovation Hackathon were asked to imagine a world without barriers while brainstorming policies, projects and processes to help people who have lost or are at risk of losing their homes.

For those who’ve never heard of a hackathon, they aim to foster collaboration and innovation, but usually focus on IT.

Tucson’s first-ever Social Innovation Hackathon was co-hosted by the Community Investment Corporation, Startup Tucson and Tucson Young Professionals.

The hope is that by bringing different expertise and ideas into the mix, participants would think of comprehensive and holistic solutions that take into account different viewpoints, experiences and limitations.

The nearly 50 participants included representatives from nonprofits, businesses, community groups, local government, and even journalists, since Caitlin and our Tucson Agenda intern, Liv Leonard, were along for the ride.

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