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Supporting Innovation in Education

The Community Investment Corporation (CIC) believes in innovation in all sectors and is thrilled to have helped steward a $100,000 matching grant from the Pima Industrial Development Authority (Pima IDA) for A for Arizona’s Expansion and Innovation Fund. “The Pima IDA is pleased to support A for Arizona’s Expansion and Innovation Fund in collaboration with the Community Investment Corporation as a tangible way to enhance bold solutions for reimagining education and to expand the scope of the Fund into southern Arizona with matching funds,” said Ken Silverman, President of the Pima IDA. “We look forward to seeing the amazing results of their innovation on PreK-12 education opportunities in our region.”

Over $600,000 in seed funding will be awarded through A for Arizona’s Expansion and Innovation Fund, including the Pima IDA’s gift, empowering innovative school and community leaders, teachers, and families to implement their bold ideas for reimagining learning models, creating and scaling more student-focused programs, and developing better teaching and learning educational approaches. Applications are being accepted for this grant funding June 3 – July 8 at noon. 

“Education is one of CIC’s three pillars of work in the community, along with capital access and housing support, and innovation is one of the values that we live by. CIC is always looking at our work through the lens of innovation. So it was a natural connection to steward support for A for Arizona’s Expansion and Innovation Fund, particularly as a resource for southern Arizona schools.” said Danny Knee, Executive Director.    

The Fund will award Southern Arizona Microgrants up to $25,000 through seed funding for bold proposals that accelerate education innovation and opportunity for PK-12 students in Southern Arizona. Teachers, public and private school and system leaders, families, and innovative community partnerships all play a critical role to meet the moment and accelerate learning for their students in Southern Arizona communities. Eligibility is limited to K-12 entrepreneurs in Cochise, Pima, Santa Cruz, and Yuma Counties. 

Seed funding through microgrants will be provided for teachers, public and private school leaders, public and private school system leaders, collaborative family proposals, and innovative community partnerships to reimagine learning models to better serve more students from Pre-K to 12th grade in Southern Arizona communities. Priority will begiven for those proposals that:

  • Reimagine PreK-12 learning models and nontraditional approaches that better serve all kids at a high level;
  • Redefine how, when, and where learning takes place that meets the needs of families and learners;
  • Reduce barriers to or expand PreK-12 nontraditional learning environments with high parent demand;
  • Have a whole-child focus or customized experience for learners; and/or
  • Cultivate a sense of connection and community.

Each final microgrant award will not exceed $25,000.
The application window will be open for 5 weeks, with final submissions due July 8at noon AZ.