CIC’s Social Impact Lending program is dedicated to investing in endeavors which support businesses and projects that have wider community benefits.  The focus of the program is not typical of loan portfolios which attempt to maximize profit.  Rather, in this segment of CIC’s portfolio, while the ability to repay a loan is still important, we are putting a premium on maximizing beneficial social impacts that result from our loans.

Social Impact Loans are small loans that usually receive preferential terms, rates, and underwriting evaluation in recognition of the “Good” that will result from the loan.  CIC is invested in our community and we are willing to invest in businesses and organizations that share our vision and values when other institutions are unable to.

Our Lending Services

We have a variety of services offered through our lending team.  Please browse the links below to learn more.



Our Approach to Social Impact Lending

Through our lending, we seek to support projects that create positive community change.  We do this through our own direct lending, and through partnerships we have forged with various nonprofits in southern Arizona.  Read about our approaches below.