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Success Stories

Meet members of our community who have been helped by our programs. 

Social Impact Lending

COVID-19 Emergency Relief Impact Report

In mid-March, as Arizona began to implement public health and safety measures, our community's small businesses began a long hard uncharted road that was and is difficult to navigate. The journey continues as COVID-19 mitigations are still a critical part of containing this pandemic, but we at CIC would like to take a quick pause to give incredible thanks to those who helped support our emergency response work in the first few months of this crisis. 
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COVID-19 Emergency Loan- Originate Natural Building Materials

“Originate started off 2020 with our 4th best 1st quarter in our 16-year history as a company. Then COVID hit with stay at home orders and our revenue for April and May dropped by almost 50%. That was scary and we were trying to figure out how to navigate uncharted territories. I feel a sense of calm now.” Natasha Winnik, Owner/Founder
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COVID-19 Emergency Loan- Sunrise Custom Jewelry & Repair

"The loan from CIC gives me a lot of peace of mind. It is going to keep the boat afloat until people feel like they can come out again." Don Lovett, Owner
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COVID-19 Emergency Loan- Michelle L. Coronado, Medical Transcription

"I am thankful for the CIC loan. I applied for three other programs but I never heard back. Having this CIC loan allows me to continue providing needed medical transcription services even though the volume has decreased temporarily because non-emergency visits are down.”  Michelle L. Coronado, Medical Transcription​
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COVID-19 Emergency Loan- Eclipse Clinical Research

"We are forever grateful to CIC for helping during these unprecedented times. Thanks to CIC we were able to pay all of our employees while waiting for PPP and EIDL loans to process. I'd like to send a special thank you to Brian from the Loan Team who was wonderful to work with and kept us updated through every step of the process" Felice Anderson, President ​
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COVID-19 Emergency Loan- Kinetic Arts Tucson

​"I'm really grateful for the loan and the part the loan played in helping me survive this pandemic. Not only survive, but thrive! We are not just a dance studio. We work really hard to support artists and marginalized people. Closing was not an option. I fought really hard to get the resources to stay open. We reopen June 1st and thanks to the assistance from CIC, we made it and we will be back….. better than ever!” Breanna Mirae, Owner Kinetic Arts Tucson​
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COVID-19 Emergency Loan- Film Creations

"CIC came through with some funding which gave us some breathing room, and just knowing there were local people who were willing to help me get through this incredibly challenging time was a real validation." Rick Rose, Founder and CEO, Film Creations, Ltd.​
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COVID-19 Emergency Loan- 5 Points Market

"Emergency funding from CIC gave us a chance to breathe for just a moment and decide which direction we should go with 5 Points at the onset of the pandemic. The emergency loan ensured we could afford payroll and keep our staff insured while we formulated a plan to navigate this crisis and keep our community safe and healthy." Brian Haskins, Owner 5 Points
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Kiva Loan Success Story- Just Churros

"As I remember beginning this process, I never have imagined the love and support I would get and feel by the end! Thank you all so much, for you lending hands and hearts. I will end up a Kiva Lender for sure. " Ricky Pintor, Owner Just Churros​
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COVID-19 Emergency Loan- Odaiko Sonora Rhythm Industry

"Being a small nonprofit dedicated to performing arts and arts-integrated education is a risky venture. In four days, Odaiko Sonora lost every gig left this season. The timing couldn't have been worse. All the programs I applied for were overwhelmed and unresponsive . . . until I found CIC. The care and professionalism, and most importantly the speed with which CIC staff were able to assist has restored my faith that Odiako Sonora will weather this storm." Karen Falkenstrohm, Director Odaiko Sonoran Rhythm Industry ​
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Home Ownership Assistance

Mortgage Credit Certificates are a blessing! – Leslie A.

“My lender added the MCC when I was closing on my house because she knew about the benefits of signing me up for the program. I’ve saved thousands over the
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The Mortgage Credit Certificate helped me with my house upgrade! – Rodney B.

“The tax credit is great – the refund definitely helps with big things like bills and home improvement projects. One year, my tax person asked how I got the MCC
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The Mortgage Credit Certificate helped me pay off my debt! – Denise B.

“I found out about the Mortgage Credit Certificate from a peer at work. With the program, I save an extra $500 to $1,200 every year on my taxes. With this
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Mortgage Credit Certificate is simple to use!- Howard B.

“My realtor told me about the MCC program when I was buying my house. Every year I use it, I end up owing less money at tax time. The program
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School Services

Meet our Bond Compliance Team

A special message for the start to the 2020 school year CIC’s amazing Bond Compliance Team understands that the start to this school year is like no other. With schools navigating
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Caurus Academy

Caurus Academy, located in Anthem, Arizona, is a fast growing, AdvancED and “A” ranked free public charter school. Founded in the Responsive Classroom approach (teaching that emphasizes social, emotional, and
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