Here Because of COVID-19?

In response to the on-going economic crisis stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, we have developed a microloan program to help businesses struggling with cash flow.  If you would like to learn more or inquire about this loan program, please click the button below. In addition, CIC is specializing in Community Capital Loan products from Kiva Tucson and WeFunder and may share details on those options with you.  

“Paying back to Pay it Forward” with CIC’s Revolving Loan Program

As a nonprofit organization, our goal is not about generating dollars, but about becoming a sustainable resource for our community driving positive change.  We manage a Revolving Loan Program where payments from each active loan are used to fund future loans.  As borrowers make loan payments, they are investing in the success of future businesses and nonprofits just like them!

If you are interested in applying for financing, please fill out our inquiry / pre-application form.  This will help us learn more about which product offerings might apply to you, and will ensure you don’t waste your time by filling out the wrong application.

Please click the button below.

If you are familiar with our Food & Health Entrepreneurship Microloans, you can apply by going to the website of our partner, the Community Food Bank.

If you are not ready to apply but would like to discuss the possibility of a loan or have questions, you may contact Caroline Nelson at or (520) 529-1766 x206.