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Raising Money on Wefunder- Is Equity Crowdfunding Right for You?

CIC has been actively working to provide multiple resources to access alternative funding for entrepreneurs and small businesses in Southern Arizona. We invite you to learn more about, an equity crowdfunding platform focused on StartUp investing and re-creating a world where friends and local communities can invest in their neighborhoods. 

There are currently two WeFunder campaigns with Tucson founders – Stackhouse and Fuego Fino, who together have raised nearly $400,000 from hundreds of investors for their businesses. 

In this session, CIC Director of Alternative Funding Carie Davis spends time with Stackhouse co-founders Dr. Janelle Brigg and Ryan Egan and Stackhouse investor Sibley Simon. Each share insights into and equity crowdfunding as a tool for raising capital and solving critical community issues. Find out if, in fact, Equity Crowdfunding is right for you. 

If you are interested in further details please contact:, Carie Davis, Director of Alternative Funding 

CIC, Stackhouse, and New Way Home share what there is to know about equity crowdfunding, how it can help businesses addressing community challenges and the Community Investment Corporation’s partnership with WeFunder. 

The recently passed JOBS Act allowed companies to raise funding through non-accredited investors (97% of the population who are not high-net-worth individuals), also known as Regulation Crowdfunding. CIC has partnered with Wefunder to promote this option to local business owners and provide resources to help them be successful. 

This opens up the door for community capital: a movement to democratize financial systems, where empowered citizen investors catalyze the growth of locally-rooted ventures creating economic opportunity for all, especially the inclusion of communities and entrepreneurs historically excluded from traditional funding models. 

As you’ll hear from our panelists, alternative funding strategies can be a powerful tool in solving the housing crisis and other community challenges. Tucson-based company Stackhouse is currently raising money on WeFunder, and they’re excited to share their experience with you. Stackhouse is a real estate development company that seeks to make homeownership more accessible and downtown living more affordable regardless of the real estate market. 


  • Carie Davis, Director, Alternative Business Funding, Community Investment Corporation 
  • Dr. Janelle Briggs, Stackhouse 
  • Sibley Simon, President, New Way Homes, WeFunder investor