CIC’s Social Impact Lending program is dedicated to investing in endeavors which support businesses and projects that have wider community benefits.  The focus of the program is not typical of loan portfolios which attempt to maximize profit.  Rather, in this segment of CIC’s portfolio, while the ability to repay a loan is still important, we are putting a premium on maximizing beneficial social impacts that result from our loans.

Social Impact Loans are small loans that usually receive preferential terms, rates, and underwriting evaluation in recognition of the “Good” that will result from the loan.  CIC is invested in our community and we are willing to invest in businesses and organizations that share our vision and values when others institutions are unable to.

Through a partnership with the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona, we currently offer microloans to food entrepreneurs of $500 – $5,000.
Building our local food economy means supporting the people who make it happen. We are happy to provide low-cost, short-term loans to local food entrepreneurs whose business goals complement the broader mission of the Community Food Bank. The goal of this program is to support current or aspiring small food business owners and local farmers in delivering healthy, fresh, local food, while providing income and/or creating jobs that pay fair wages. 

If your small food business goals align with the mission of the Community Food Bank, we encourage you to apply for a microloan. If you are interested in applying for a loan, please visit the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona website by clicking here to complete the application.