Investing in our community’s entrepreneurial spirit is a powerful way to address individual and community needs…and we need YOUR help.

CIC’s efforts and impact are multiplied through community partnerships. Our service approach is to partner with individuals, businesses, and nonprofit organizations to utilize market-based solutions to help them help themselves.

We can have only a fraction of the impact we aspire to when we work alone – but through collaboration and the sharing of expertise and experience, the difference we can make in addressing issues of poverty, equity, and economic sustainability becomes nearly limitless.

CIC is seeking donors who want to invest in businesses and programs whose success will provide a ripple of ongoing economic stability and security for our community.

Small business account for over 44% of private employment in Arizona and over 99% of all the businesses.  Their benefit to our economy can’t be over-looked.

CIC understands the importance and supports the provision of people’s immediate and basic needs such as food, shelter, and safety by so many great organizations in our community. However, CIC works on a different part of these social issues, dedicating our resources to investing in solutions that will economically sustain our clients and our partners over time.   Whether it is small businesses, a nonprofit program, or an entrepreneurial school, CIC is supporting efforts that contribute lasting benefits to our regional economy.

Please invest in our loan program – donate and become a partner now!