We are mostly focused on business lending and hence, business finance. But we offer personal loans through our ABLE program, and we also recognize that individuals running businesses and nonprofits in our community may need help managing their own household finances. Below is a list of resources we’ve put together to help you do just that.

Car buy vs Lease Calculator – Calculate and compare the total costs of buying vs. leasing a vehicle and determine the best option for your situation.

Credit Card Payoff Calculator – Using your outstanding credit card balance and interest rate, calculate the impact of increasing your monthly payments on time until payoff and total interest paid.

Loan Calculator and Amortization Table – Using your desired loan amount, interest rate, and loan period, calculate your monthly payments and total loan expenses.

Loan Comparison Calculator – Determine the total cost of a loan by changing the loan period, payment frequency, and interest rate.  Compare up to three loan scenarios at a time.

Simple Annual Budget – Create an annual budget using your income and expenses by month for the full year.  Adjust categories to meet your personal needs.

Simple Monthly Budget – Create a monthly budget by entering your income and expenses by category for a single month.  Determine your percentage of income spent.