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No true organization can succeed on its own.

No true community nonprofit organization – like Community Investment Corporation – can succeed on its own.  Our work cannot be done in a vacuum if we hope to make sustained change and impact.  And the issues we face – social, economic, and ones of equity of opportunity – are multi-faceted and incredibly complex.  There is no silver bullet to the challenges, and no one organization will ever be able to address these issues meaningfully on its own.

This understanding is at the root of Community Investment Corporation’s approach.  We actively seek to share our expertise, capacity, and resources with other nonprofit organizations, for-profit companies and entrepreneurs, and government agencies. The goals of our partnerships are to increase the impact of our work, to magnify and multiply it – exponentially if possible – and to help other organizations increase their impact in the same way as well.


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reimagine & think big!

Community Investment Corporation values partnership, collaboration and innovation and is always willing to partner and forge new relationships to create opportunity in our community. We know that no single organization can solve the complex issue of building more equitable practices around capital access, economic parity, homeownership opportunities and enhance education. That is why we are always looking for opportunities to reimagine, think big and act bold in partnerships that bring together expertise, ideas, tools and resources to make our community a better place.

Our partnerships are formed through shared objectives and opportunities in order to leverage assets, bring new financial resources, employee talent, and greater impact to Southern Arizona. We are proud of the incredible partnerships we’ve built with the organizations below, among many others.

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Business Investment

There are many ways to invest in local businesses that are looking to build or scale. CIC has partnered to bring alternative funding models to Tucson and Southern Arizona that offer unique and valuable ways for YOU to invest. Whether through equity crowdfunding at Wefunder or community-backed lending with Kiva Tucson, CIC is working to create a vibrant ecosystem of capital access that not only empowers businesses but investors in making a local impact.


With shared goals and vision come powerful outcomes. Building mission partnerships in the community helps create greater impact. We are always looking to build conversation and connection and learn and grow with other like-minded organizations.


Invest in CIC with a grant to support our programs. We are working daily to create change in the way underserved communities access capital and build wealth. Together we can create lasting change and help your company meet its business and philanthropic goals.

our partners

Our current partnerships are focused on helping small businesses and low-to-moderate income homebuyers

CIC is a support organization created by PIMA IDA

Our two other sister organizations are involved exclusively in affordable housing:


FHR provides low and moderate-income individuals and families an opportunity to obtain quality, affordable housing through both rental and homebuyer support programs. FHR is one of the largest and most respected affordable housing providers/servicers in Arizona. FHR currently owns and manages three subsidized apartment properties totaling over 186 units. In addition, FHR has accounted for more individuals and families achieving the American Dream of homeownership than any other nonprofit organization in Pima County assisting over 10,000 individuals and families during the last 20 years through homebuyer education courses and linking homebuyers to downpayment assistance programs like the ones that CIC facilitates.

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The mission of Southern Arizona Land Trust (SALT) is to improve the lives of Tucsonans by investing in and revitalizing neighborhoods through the development of quality affordable housing. Their vision is “A Tucson where everyone has housing available to them that is a blessing and not a burden.” SALT focuses on the affordable rental of single family homes to families who will one day be in the position to qualify for homeownership. They have a number of current projects including: Affordable new construction single-family homes for rental and ownership Affordable rehabilitated single-family homes for rental and ownership

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