$ 0
$7 million lent to local Arizona businesses
$0.63 of every dollar lent goes to a nonprofit organization
38% of businesses are woman-owned
45% of businesses are managed by women

As a non-profit lender, our goal is not to maximize profit, but rather, to create a wider social benefit for the community. As such, our Social Impact Lending portfolio looks different from most. We focus on lending to business owners/operators who face a variety of obstacles, financially and otherwise. For this reason, we track demographic statistics. We also lend directly to, or in partnership with nonprofits. By lending directly, nonprofits can grow their operation or take on new ventures. In other cases, nonprofits work with segments of the community that could themselves benefit from a loan, which we can help provide. Finally, our lending is largely local, whether here in Pima County where we are based, or in the surrounding rural areas, which are often financially under-served.

While we try our best to maximize our social impact, we also want to make sure our loans are successful. When borrowers repay, it means they’re succeeding in what they’re doing and they’re also paying it forward—future borrowers will access this same pool of money through our revolving loan fund.  On the one hand, the mere fact that community members continue to take out—and pay off—loans is an indicator of success.  But on the other hand, we know there’s more to the story. We continue to develop a number of metrics for tracking our success and will add them to this page as data becomes available.

Our Loan Programs

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