$0.63 of every dollar lent goes to a nonprofit organization
38% of businesses are woman-owned*
45% of businesses are managed by women*
$ 0
$7 million lent to local Arizona businesses

As a nonprofit organization, Community Investment Corporation’s reason for being is to deliver on our mission.  We exist to invest in our communities for the public good, to enhance employment opportunities for our region’s residents, and to leverage our capital and expertise to help small businesses and nonprofit organizations thrive and succeed.  

Community Investment Corporation aspires to impact the community in the following ways:

  • The creation and retention of jobs from our investment in small businesses.
  • Generation of new capital vis-à-vis our programs to reinvest in our community work.
  • Work within the existing regional marketplace to increase the number of people that have an opportunity to participate in the commercial economy.  
  • Facilitate the success of the Industrial Development Authority of the County of Pima’s bond funded projects.
  • Increase homeownership in Tucson and Pima County through offering down payment assistance – far and away the greatest obstacle for low and moderate-income buyers.

To have our desired impact, it is important to outline our core beliefs about the problems we face and the potential solutions. Here are our beliefs:

  • Community Investment Corporation believes that investing in people’s entrepreneurial spirit and ingenuity is a powerful way to address community needs – whether those people are entrepreneurs, small business owners, aspiring homeowners, or charter school founders, administrators, or students.
  • We believe in self-determination and choice and want to provide access to economic resources for the citizens of our community.
  • We believe in the power of a robust local economy to bring about social good and address community needs, but with the caveat that the market is not perfect and our work addresses some of the obvious market failures we observe and that has resulted in too many people being shut out of participating and contributing wholly in it.
  • We believe that local firms deserve our local investment because they recirculate their revenues locally up to nearly FOUR TIMES that of national chains.  Quite simply, this is a far more efficient means to bring about regional economic stability than chasing national investment.
  • We believe in the power of partnerships and know that bringing different skillsets and expertise together, we can have a far greater impact than if we go it alone.
  • We believe in helping people who will be partners in helping themselves.

Our current impact goals are as follows:

  • To create or retain 1 job for every $50,000 invested in loan funding to small businesses.
  • To provide qualified small businesses and nonprofits that otherwise cannot get financing (or reasonable rates on financing) from traditional lending institutions access to capital.
  • To ensure a high rate of our small business loans go to underserved populations which includes women-owned/run, minority-owned/run, veteran-owned/run, and disabled-owned/run businesses and businesses in rural areas.  We are committed to exceeding both the Arizona and national rates.
  • To facilitate the purchase of 5,000 homes in Tucson and Pima County by the year 2020 for down payment assistance programs that started in 2013.
  • To build our available loan pool to $5 million by 2020.
  • To ensure the credit worthiness of our bond clients and increase transparency for investors in order to facilitate additional private investment in Arizona and specifically Pima County.
  • To match our nonprofit partners’ lending pools dollar for dollar with at least $200,000 of CIC’s own loan resources.

Community Investment Corporation is an economic development engine, catalyst, and an equalizer of opportunities.  We see our work as being the educators, mentors, cheerleaders, financiers, and supporters of the previously latent and untapped ingenuity of our clients.

As a business-minded nonprofit organization, we know that we must make our case for our existence and measure the impact of the work we do.  It has been said many times in many circles that “what gets measured is what gets done.”  

To that end, we are redoubling our efforts to make the case for our work.  We know what we do makes a difference.  You can talk to our borrowers and to the new homeowners and to the nonprofit organizations we have supported.  Or you can talk to the children that are thriving at Charter Schools we support through our work.  But we know that we need to make our impact gains more explicit.  Our goal is to have a salient impact statement published on an annual basis starting in 2019.  Please check back periodically to see our progress.

Additionally, please browse our individual program impact pages to see our what we have accomplished already.