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Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC) Info Session

More house, more loan, and a tax credit? EVERYBODY WINS with a Mortgage Credit Certificate.  

CIC held a virtual info session for lenders, realtors and homebuyers on Wednesday, Oct 27 at 12 pm (AZ) to share how homebuyers can qualify for more house (realtors rejoice!), more loan (lenders win!), AND get a tax credit each year they live in the home. The Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC) program is administered by CIC statewide and allows first-time homebuyers to claim up to $2,000 of their annual mortgage interest as a federal tax credit – each year and every year they live in their homes.

If you missed the event, we have the info session recorded for you to view below and welcome you to learn more about MCCs on our MCC program page. If you have immediate questions on the program email, or call (520)-462-4MCC (4622)

View the full Info Session:

Check out our MCCs Explained Video: