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Mission & Values

Our Values


We understand that CIC is dynamic and that our responsibilities will change with our business. This does not hinder or scare us – it is exactly the type of challenge to which we look forward. We will be resilient and adaptable in face of setbacks and change and are committed to improving CIC, ourselves, our colleagues, our clients, and our community.


Regardless of the outcome, good or bad, it is part of each of our jobs to ask if our approach, service, or performance can be improved. We are willing to question our own perspectives, recognize and articulate our own potential biases, and to change our approach based on input and feedback from our stakeholders.


Be present for the people who work in front of us. Check in regularly with stakeholders, practicing inquiry first before advocacy (e.g. fighting their battles for them). Offer help and ask for help proactively.


We are willing to pitch in and perform any & every task that is essential to keep the organization running and succeeding regardless of our title, position on the organizational chart, or job description as needed.

Working to Put Our Families First

We understand the importance of families and their proxies. They are our support systems, and we often do what we do, first and foremost, for them. We prioritize work when we are at work so that we can prioritize our families always. And we maintain responsibility for the quality and timeliness of the work that that is done on our behalf or that we do on the behalf of others so they may meet their families' needs.


We are creative problem solvers whose ideas are welcomed. We build our knowledge base consistently and research the answers to problems we face to better serve our clients and CIC. And we understand that ideas only come to fruition through disciplined implementation and follow-up. We embrace technology to improve our efficacy and efficiency.

Self-Sufficiency & Sustaining

We strive to make all of our programs and services self-sustaining by making them as cost-efficient as possible and by looking for a diverse set of stable funding sources. None of our programs are sustainable unless our programs in aggregate and our organization as a whole and are too.

Our Mission

The mission of Community Investment Corporation is to secure strategic investments in our communities that serve a public purpose, enhance employment opportunities and leverage its capital and capacity to help small businesses and nonprofit organizations thrive and succeed.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a better life for residents of Southern Arizona by investing in the lifeblood of our region’s economy – small businesses and the nonprofit organizations that serve our communities. The only thing small about the entities that we serve is their size and we never underestimate the dreams of our borrowers or the economic impact of their efforts.

CIC believes that a just and equitable economic system must eliminate structural barriers for communities who have been historically underserved by financiers. 

We must empower those in need of a financial boost, but struggle to find help through traditional means.