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What is a Target Area?

Target Areas are economically distressed areas of the community where home ownership is highly encouraged in order to improve neighborhood conditions. MCC program requirements for these areas are less stringent than within non-target areas – for example, a person does not need to be a first-time homebuyer in order to qualify for the program, and they may have a higher income or a higher purchase price than someone purchasing in a non-target area. See our MCC page for program requirements and more.

Where are the Target Areas?

Target areas are determined by census tract, which can be see on the map below. 

Please give a moment for the map to load.

To determine if a property is in a target area, enter the address in the search bar below. The pin will either show up in a yellow (target) area or teal/green (non-target) area. Click on the census tract (green or yellow area) for more information. 

Still unable to determine if the property is in a target area?

Email us at or call 520-462-4MCC (4622)