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Kiva Loan Success Story- Just Churros

COVID-19 Kiva Loan Success Story!

In mid-March, as our country was facing the unprecedented reality of rapid closure to ensure public safety the Community Investment Corporation loan team understood exactly what that meant for small businesses, revenue loss that could potentially lead to permanent closure.

Within days the CIC team developed the COVID-19 Emergency Microloan product and began offering access to two community-backed loan products, one from Kiva Tucson and one from Wefunder, each designed to bridge small businesses through the unknown future. Kiva Tucson is a program of Growth Partners Arizona in partnership with the Community Investment Corporation.

In addition, CIC invested $200,000 of our loan portfolio to support these small businesses either for the $10,000 microloan product or the help businesses reach a time-sensitive community-backed loan goal. 

Just Churros was successful with their Kiva Tucson Loan Campaign and we are thrilled to have had this offering make all the difference to the business. 

Just Churros

"As I remember beginning this process, I never have imagined the love and support I would get and feel by the end! Thank you all so much, for you lending hands and hearts. I will end up a Kiva Lender for sure. " Ricky Pintor, Owner Just Churros

From  a Kiva Lender:   

“We did the Kiva weeks ago and just drove 30 minutes for our first taste of Just Churros. These were bar none THE BEST we ever had. 

About Just Churros:

Take a grandfather’s one-of-a-kind authentic churro recipe. Add a father’s legacy of passion and hard work. Blend in a grandson’s dedication and service. Sprinkle with just the right amount of cinnamon and the result is churros that are out of this world.  That is how reviewers describe Just Churros: “out of this world fresh,” “absolutely the best churros on the planet. Mind blowing,” and “cinnamon heavenly goodness.”   

Ricky Pintor is the third generation to run the business started by his grandfather, Modesto 40 years ago. CIC is proud to support this local Food Truck with great family tradition, great family history, and great family businessmen.  

Now to get a taste of these churros, check Just Churros on Facebook to locate their food truck and prepare to experience the best churros on earth and beyond!