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Hola Tucson Magazine

Hola Tucson Magazine is a Tucson-based print publication that serves the Latino community of southern Arizona.  The magazine, which distributes 5,000 copies per month free of charge, is primarily published in Spanish and focused on issues that affect the local community.  This can include everything from family and health issues, to local politics, to issues such as immigration and family separation.

The owner, Jesus Licona, is originally from Monterrey, Mexico and comes from a background of both sales and media.  He’s been running the magazine since taking it over in 2017.

Use of loan funds:

Community Investment Corporation partnered with YWCA Southern Arizona to provide a microloan to Hola Tucson Magazine in spring of 2019.  With the loan funds, Mr. Licona has bolstered his online presence by investing in social media and creating a digital version of the magazine.

Impact of loan on your organization and/or the community:

Mr. Licona said that his business has picked up since increasing his presence and visibility.  He’s thrilled that more people, especially young folks, have access to his content via the web.  He also noted that more and people are reaching out to him, although, he chuckled when explaining most of this new interest has come via the somewhat “old-fashioned” telephone.

On Working with CIC:
“I felt listened to at CIC.  I had tried other options, both traditional and non-traditional, but they opened their doors to me.  CIC has been attentive, involved, and even felt like a cheerleader for my business.”