UPDATED 11/16/2020: Funding for this program has been fully committed to current applicants. However, Pima County’s Rental Assistance Program may still be of service to you. We encourage you to submit an application by clicking the link below.

This program has closed as of 11/16/2020. Please click the above link to be redirected to an alternative Pima County Rental Assistance program. 

Pima County is partnering with the Community Investment Corporation (CIC) to act as the fiscal agent to distribute $3,625,000 through community social service agencies to prevent evictions related to COVID-19. CIC is thrilled and honored to work with local government and fellow nonprofits to meet the needs of the community. Our goal is to be as efficient and effective as possible in this collaborative effort. CLICK HERE NOW or call (831) 292-4308 to begin the Prequalification process.

Pima Eviction Prevention funds are limited, and the distribution of funding is subject to multiple factors including, but not limited to, qualification of Tenant, agreement from Landlord, completion of required forms and documentation, and fund availability. Priority will be given to full and complete submissions with all requested documentation. It is anticipated that this pool of funding will serve 650-750 households.  

     As the fiscal agent, CIC will be administering funding and doing limited case processing. Below is a list of the service agencies outside of CIC who will be processing application requests from both landlords and tenants. 

Participating Agencies (in alphabetical order) are:

This funding is specifically for eviction prevention and is meant to assist households that are currently in some phase of the eviction process (not just behind on their rent), or would be in eviction process if not for the moratorium.

If you are behind on your rent but not yet at risk of eviction, the following agencies provide rental assistance:

Due to COVID-19, demand for rental assistance is incredibly high and response from service agencies time my be slower than usual.


The expected timeline for activities is currently as follows:

  • August 17 – Pima County Board of Supervisors approves funding and contract with CIC to facilitate Eviction Prevention funding – COMPLETED!
  • August 21 – CIC will execute the first set of contracts with social service providers who will be processing tenant applications – COMPLETED!
  • August 31 – CIC will post the names and contact information of participating social service agencies on this web page – COMPLETED
  • Sept. 9 – CIC to work with Service Agencies to process Pima County Court Cases of those tenant who qualify for assistance and are currently at the highest risk of eviction – IN PROCESS
  • Sept. 17 – CIC will provide an online inquiry form for tenants and landlords to get their cases started.  CLICK HERE for Agency Selection and Prequalification Form
  • Sept. 3o – CIC will launch an online portal through which tenant and landlord information and required documentation can be collected and uploaded.  Approved social service agencies will utilize this portal for speed application and funding processing. CLICK HERE to further review the program and begin the Prequalification process. 

At the beginning of the launch of the program, priority will be given to those at highest risk of eviction (i.e. those closest to having an existing eviction court judgment against them executed by Constables).

Funding will help tenants who have been unable to pay their rent due to the economic effects of COVID-19.  Tenants being evicted for reasons other than nonpayment of rent may not qualify for assistance.

  • Tenant’s Landlord MUST be willing to participate and provide all required documentation
  • Tenant lives in Pima County
  • Tenant is at risk of eviction (i.e. has received notice of eviction or other proof of intent to evict from landlord OR is in court proceedings)
  • Tenant has experienced a financial crisis due to COVID-19
  • At least one person in household is a legal resident in the U.S., as documented by a valid form of government-issued I.D. (but NOT a “Matrícula Consular”)
  • Rent is $2,000/month or less (or landlord agrees to lower payment if higher)
  • Payment Request:
    • Rent requested is within following period: March 1 – to current month + one-month advance
    • Does not include months already covered by another rental/eviction assistance program
  • Landlord agrees to Eviction Payment Plan with renter, which includes:
    • Waiving late fees or interest payments on late rent;
    • Commitment not to further pursue eviction during period covered;
    • Reversing/withdrawing eviction proceedings
  • Tenant’s current household income is at or below 120% of Area Median Income (AMI) – see table below

  • Tenant Attestation Form (provided to Tenant)
  • U.S. Government-issued identification, including proof of legal residency of at least one person in the household 
  • Current Utility Bill
  • Signature on Eviction Payment Plan with Landlord (provided to Tenant and/or Landlord)


This is a voluntary program, and the proactive participation of landlords and property managers in cooperation with tenants will dramatically speed up the processing of assistance payments on behalf of the tenants. 

Documents needed to prove a landlord/tenant relationship will be able to be securely uploaded and submitted through the portal.  Additionally, payment agreements will be able to be executed through the portal.  Landlords and property managers will also be able to securely submit ACH bank information through the portal to facilitate payments within 48 hours of the full completion of and approval of tenant applications. 

In addition to all required information for the Tenant, below is a list of what will be required from Landlords to receive payment. 

  • Government issued legal identification
  • Current Lease
  • Verification of last payment from tenant
  • W-9
  • 5-Day Notice, 30-Day Notice or other proof that tenant is in the eviction process
  • Copy of Blank Check for Payment Purposes
  • Completed Landlord EP Payment Form (provided to Landlord)