Here at Community Investment Corporation, we believe in supporting projects that enhance the social good.  As part of our loan program, we’ve committed to providing an interest rate discount—up to 1.5%—for projects that provide an “enhanced community benefit.”

We define “enhanced community benefit” as a project that makes a positive impact in any of the following areas:

  • Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency – Loans for businesses developing energy efficient products or services as well as local businesses making storefront energy efficiency improvements with loan funds (such as LED lighting, energy efficient heating/cooling systems, improved insulation, active/passive solar design, etc.). 
  • Community Health –  Loans for community health workers, mobile clinics and pharmacies, health education and advocacy, improving access to healthy food, etc.
  • Local Food & Agriculture – Loans for local farmers, urban agriculture, local food distribution systems, food education and advocacy related nonprofits, local and culturally appropriate foodways, and value-adding and processing of local foods.
  • Water, Soil, and Sanitation – Loans for rainwater catchment, greywater, water filtration systems, water storage systems, composting, improved sanitary systems, biodigesters, community water infrastructure.
  • Art & Arts Education  Loans for community or public art projects, folk arts initiatives, art projects that advance civic participation, cultural awareness, or equitable economic growth, etc.
  • Living Wages – Businesses that pay all their employees a living wage.  (We use the Universal Living Wage Formula.  This uses the local price of a 1-bedroom apartment as its basis and varies by county.)
  • Other –  If you have thoughts on how your business or project may provide an enhanced community benefit, we are all ears!
To apply for a rate discount, you would simply indicate your interest in the enhanced community benefit program while filling out our regular loan application.  For more on how to apply, start by clicking the button below to inquire.