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COVID-19 Emergency Loan- Kinetic Arts Tucson

CIC COVID-19 Emergency Loan Success Story!

In mid-March, as our country was facing the unprecedented reality of rapid closure to ensure public safety the Community Investment Corporation loan team understood exactly what that meant for small businesses, revenue loss that could potentially lead to permanent closure.

Within days the CIC team developed the COVID-19 Emergency Microloan product and began offering access to two community-backed loan products, one from Kiva Tucson and one from Wefunder, each designed to bridge small businesses through the unknown future.

In addition, CIC invested $200,000 of our loan portfolio to support these small businesses either for the $10,000 microloan product or the help businesses reach a time-sensitive community-backed loan goal. 

Kinetic Arts Tucson received a CIC COVID-19 Emergency Microloan and we are thrilled to have had this offering make all the difference to the business. 

Kinetic Arts Tucson

"I'm really grateful for the loan and the part the loan played in helping me survive this pandemic. Not only survive, but thrive!" Breanna Mirae, Owner Kinetic Arts Tucson

“We are not just a dance studio. We work really hard to support artists and marginalized people. Closing was not an option. I fought really hard to get the resources to stay open. We reopen June 1st and thanks to the assistance from CIC, we made it and we will be back….. better than ever!” 

About Kinetic Arts Tucson:

Dance Your Art Out!

Kinetic Arts Tucson is a progressive, pole, dance, and acrobatics studio. Cutting-edge classes push the boundaries of dance, art, fitness and well-being for adults and children. Certified teachers provide outstanding instruction while maximizing fun and inclusiveness in an encouraging family of students.  

Located in the heart of downtown Tucson, this business is full of heart:
  heart for fun, encouragement, and inclusiveness. 
  A heart for hosting community artists, musicians, and dancers.  
  heart that gives EVERYONE a chance to shine.  

While Arizona was in shutdown, owner 

Brenna Mirae continued to uplift and encourage people online. She can’t wait to continue uplifting and encouraging them in person when Kinetic Arts Tucson reopens with new practices for the safety of all…and better than ever!   

Facebook: /poledanceandacrobatics/ 
Instagram: @Kinetic_Arts_Tucson