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to Equity

Danny Knee

Executive Director

CIC believes that a just and equitable economic system must eliminate structural barriers for communities who have been historically underserved by financiers. 


In a system stacked against the average person, it’s important to have someone on your side. CIC is here to help our clients make the right decisions to meet their goals, not necessarily the easy decisions.


Leveling the playing field means removing the weights on the shoulders of those left out of our system. CIC empowers those typically left behind to realize their value and find their place among the larger community.


We believe that everyone has the strength to rise to the challenge if given the opportunity. CIC provides access to resources normally reserved for the powerful because everyone deserves a chance to participate.

We need to help people see their own inherent worth.

We Know Your Worth.

The system may not recognize your value. But we do.

The Community Investment Corporation unlocks the door to prosperity for all members of our community to meaningfully participate in our economic system and reclaim the American Dream.