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Certifiably Delightful: Tucson Frozen Yogurt Shop Goes Green

Photo credit: Kylee Musslewhite with permission from Frozen Delight

Delicious frozen yogurt, ice cream, and boba may draw you to Frozen Delight, but the friendly relationships that staff have formed with the community will make you want to stay! Frozen Delight prides itself on serving customers for over 25 years and being one of the first frozen yogurt shops in Tucson. In addition to fostering community connections, Frozen Delight consistently explores how to minimize its environmental impacts and recently became the latest business in Tucson to become Green Business Certified!

Owners Cleo and Jose Terrazas grew up in Mexico City, where conserving water was a part of everyday life in their community. Upon moving to Arizona, they were surprised by the amount of water being used in the day-to-day operations of their business, such as in the cooling systems for their frozen yogurt.

Soon, Frozen Delight made the switch to air-cooled frozen yogurt machines and was inspired to continue this trend forward in other areas of their business. Jose installed LED lighting throughout the building, Cleo attended sustainability events, and both owners worked with staff to gather new ideas for the way they can run their business more sustainably.

Frozen Delight now uses recyclable packaging, repurposes old furniture and décor to prevent items from going to the landfill, and created an environmental policy guiding future energy and water initiatives.

Learn more about Frozen Delight at their website:

Photo credit: Kylee Musslewhite with permission from Frozen Delight

Get recognition for being a sustainability leader in Arizona by becoming a Certified Green Business!

Reach out to the Sustainability team using the Arizona Green Business Certification Interest Form or contact Nick Shivka, Senior Manager of Sustainability Initiatives –

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