Free online resource for Tucson families looking to explore different school options

MySchoolsTucson is an online school locator for families to explore education options in town, created by Community Investment Corporation

By Brooke Chau, KGUN9

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) — A new resource is available for families in Tucson looking to explore different school options.

MySchoolsTucson is a free online school locator created by a Tucson non-profit called Community Investment Corporation (CIC).

“It’s meant to be a one stop shop for families in Tucson,” said Scott Evans from CIC. “There are a variety of filters, language options, and you can filter what you want like virtual or alternative schools.”

MySchoolsTucson is made with tools to explore the different school options in the Tucson area to ultimately make the best decision for your child— which is something Evans tells KGUN9 he wishes he had when he moved to southern Arizona.

“We were in the dark and that’s sort of where this was born from was my experience,” he said. “I saw an opportunity to try to create something and bring it to the community to help families that had less knowledge than I did.”

Map locators, filters, and overall information on each school has already helped parents like Fabiola Bedoya. She is a single mom raising a five-year-old bilingual son. Bedoya says the website made her change her mind on where to send her son for kindergarten in TUSD.

“I’ve been touring schools for a little bit over six months,” said Bedoya. “He just really lit up at this last one.”

Single parents, low-income and minority families are the demographic that Evans had in mind when creating this service but hopes it can be a resource in every household in Tucson that has kids in school.

“We saw those gaps and that’s where we as a nonprofit and mission based organization wanted to come in and make a difference,” said Evans.

For more information on the website, click here or call (520) 529-1766 Ext. 214.

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MySchoolsTucson Featured in Local News

MySchoolsTucson Has Launched and Needs Your Feedback!

TUCSON, Ariz. (13 News) – Finding the perfect school for your little one just got a lot easier thanks to a local nonprofit.

Tucson-based Community Investment Corporation launched a new website called,, to provide resources and unbiased information to Pima County families about local schools.

The development of the website is CIC’s response to a 2022 survey it conducted of more than 1,100 K-12 Arizona parents. The survey showed that parents feel overwhelmed when choosing a school and don’t have a place where they can go to get unbiased information.

“Educational landscape in Arizona is much different than it was 10 to 20 years ago,” said Scott Evans, Director of Family and School Engagement.

Families with lower incomes have less access to school information. The way they interact with schools and their administrations is much different than wealthier parents of K-12 students.

The sheer number of schools alone in Pima County can be overwhelming. There are more than 350 schools in the county alone.

“A lot more options but with the more options comes a more difficult time filtering through the information, and really understanding what would be a great fit for their children,” said Evans.

The program aims to ensure that all Tucson families have the tools and support they need to engage and make informed decisions about their child’s education.

“Performance data from the state of Arizona will be listed there. Extracurriculars academic offerings will be there, special program supports, after school programs, whether there’s preschool on site,” said Evans.

Through surveys and support groups, the nonprofit learned parents needed an unbiased source they could trust.

“The schools do a great job at promoting their schools but things were overwhelming, there was too much information out there and it was taking a lot of time. Very much time taxed,” said Evans. “We wanted to solve that problem and simplify the process and come up with a place where parents can find everything they’re looking for in one place. Sort of a one-stop shop for families.”

As the population in Pima County grows, leaders at CIC believe this will benefit families who have another way to learn about district schools. Through their website, you can find information on district public schools, public charter schools, and private schools.

“With so many choices and so many options, it becomes a real challenge for people who are new here. Just moved into the state, maybe they work at the base, refugee families, immigrant families that are really brand new to the educational landscape,” said Evans. “Even brand new young families entering kindergarten for the first time. It’s a really difficult thing to do to filter through, so this site will certainly help those families understand both the educational landscape, and see what schools may be available to them. To see what opportunities lie in the walls of those schools, how the system works, deadlines, enrollment timelines, and support navigating that system.”

For the next 90 days, you can help CIC by providing feedback on their site. There you can find surveys regarding the content provided and how easy it was for you to find information.

There’s also a place where you can make requests for more information that was not provided.

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CIC Launches

MySchoolsTucson Powered by CIC. Explore. Discover. Thrive. All school types for all Tucson families. All in one place.

Community Investment Corporation developed and launched an online platform to provide parents with a valuable free digital research tool and ‘one-stop-shop’ with information on every school in Pima County.

MySchoolsTucson Powered by CIC. Explore. Discover. Thrive. All school types for all Tucson families. All in one place.

April 5, 2023 (Tucson, Arizona) – Tucson families who are exploring the K-12 educational landscape are getting some help from a local nonprofit. Tucson-based Community Investment Corporation (CIC) has launched, a family-focused online school locator that includes educational resources focused on Tucson and Pima County. This mobile-friendly website offers families a simple, understandable opportunity to find unbiased information about ALL Tucson and Pima County schools. The approach of is to be a centralized “online one-stop-shop” for families seeking to explore their children’s schools and the schools in the area. The platform is accessible and free of charge to all users.

The development of and its library of resources is CIC’s response to a 2022 survey it conducted of over 1,100 K-12 Arizona parents. The survey showed that parents’ ability to access information about schools and engage with schools is directly correlated to their income. Families with lower incomes have less access to school information and the way they interact with schools and their administrations is much different than wealthier parents of K-12 students.

“This is another area of our economy where lower income households are at a disadvantage, often because these parents have less time to research and engage with schools than wealthier households,” said CIC’s Executive Director, Danny Knee. “Considering education has such a profound effect on lifelong opportunities, we think it is essential to make accessing information on the schools children attend as easy as possible for parents.”

According to Knee, educational research shows that parent engagement is directly linked to better school attendance and high school graduation as well as higher grades and classroom test scores. The American Psychological Association also links engagement to better health outcomes for children.

“Considering that many parents find researching and exploring schools overwhelming,” said Scott Evans, CIC’s Director of Family and School Engagement, “we are focused on making, as simple and easy to use as possible.” Before joining CIC’s Family and School Engagement team, Evans spent more than a decade as the Director of Counseling at Salpointe Catholic High School.

CIC, through their Family and School Engagement program aims to ensure that all Tucson families have the tools and support they need to engage and make informed decisions about their child’s education. This includes information on the different curricular and extra-curricular programs available at schools. It also includes best practices regarding how to engage with school administrators and teachers productively to ensure their children get the most out of their school experiences. was developed through research and collaboration with parents in Pima County. Over the past two years, CIC has engaged focus groups and formulated a parent survey to comprehend how parents maneuver in the educational environment. Through that process, Tucson parents expressed their struggle in gathering essential details about nearby schools, often resorting to confusing and time consuming online searches to gather information related to their school preferences. An overwhelming percentage of participants enthusiastically welcomed a user-friendly resource that streamlines access to information about educational options and tips on how to increase their engagement in their children’s education.

Just like any evolving app or software, will continue to flourish by earnestly listening to valuable feedback from its users. According to the CIC team, this will help them to make necessary improvements,  introduce new features, and expand outreach through increased community event participation and collaborations with community-based organizations. Community Investment Corporation is committed to building resources that meet the needs of Tucson families and greatly appreciates all responses. They are requesting additional feedback from families through this survey.

For more information about, please visit: or visit the school locator at