Empowering Families: A Discussion On Informed School Selection

Check out this insightful open discussion dedicated to strategies communities can take to help families navigate the diverse educational landscape. This session, centered on families and students, was led by Scott Evans, Director of Family and School Engagement

Yolanda McCarty Retires

After 15 wonderful years, Yolie is ready for a new adventure!

Community Investment Corporation (CIC) is emotionally conflicted to announce that Yolanda McCarty will be retiring this year. Yolie has become a cornerstone of CIC with her infectious positivity and people-first approach.

We are so excited for Yolie to take on this is and exciting chapter of her life but sad she won’t light up our work days anymore. Below are a few fond memories from our staff who’ve worked with Yolie through the years.

Carla Wallace | Director of Bond Compliance

It has been an honor to work alongside Yolie at CIC and for many years prior when I was a Trustee.

Yolie embodies CIC’s mission and values. Bond Compliance was Yolie’s second career. She came to CIC having already spent a career making a difference in the community and undoubtedly leaving a lasting impression on customers and co-workers alike. While leading Bond Compliance Yolie’s ability to meet people where they are was on full display. She patiently provided education, clarification, and gentle guidance to our clients.

Of course, occasionally reminders would have to become a bit more forceful, and she was affectionately nicknamed ‘The Hispanic Hammer.’ Our clients knew they’d better get the docs in asap! She is a master collaborator, always goes the extra mile, and knows the ins and outs of every single compliance requirement.

But Yolie’s best qualities are her personality and the passion she has for the work we do and the clients we assist. The relationships she has formed, her delight when touring schools and meeting students, and her commitment to making compliance seamless and as easy as possible have not gone unnoticed and will be missed.

My favorite story about Yolie happened when I was a Trustee. A mutual Charter School client had experienced some major changes and was facing some financial challenges. A new Principal had been hired and he was inheriting a mess. When he accepted the meeting with two CIC folks and two Trustee folks he was terrified. We all showed up and explained that we were all on his team, wanted nothing more than for the school to succeed, answered all his questions, educated him on the compliance obligations and process, and most importantly treated him to lunch. He left that meeting feeling hopeful, supported, and reassured. We are all friends to this day and yes, he turned that school into an incredible success.

I have treasured my time working with Yolie and wish her happiness and success in all her new endeavors.

Heather Moreno | Program Support Associate

The first time I met Yolie, it was at a CIC Happy Hour where we had only infrequent interactions remotely due to the pandemic. She walked up, introduced herself and gave me a biggest, warmest hug. If there were any awkwardness due to only working alongside one another virtually, she did away with it immediately with a comfortability that radiates from her.

From the stories I’ve heard from before my time with CIC, she has always been this way. Good-natured, bright, witty, and always remembers to take a photo for posterity – and those are the thoughts that just come to mind when she blesses you with a conversation. In getting to know her, I’ve tried to be funnier, because she’s sharp as a whip and it’s hard to keep up. On our last school visit, she got me to laugh so hard, I snorted in the car.

She has gotten me to mellow out and enjoy life more, since she knows how to relax and take things in stride. While I would be pulling out my hair, she easily conquers what’s in front of her and with her hair looking immaculate. Genuinely, she’s given me a whole new perspective on my own way of treating others, as there is a unique kindness that emanates when you’re in her presence. You can’t help but smile, laugh, and feel joyful. Why be somber when you can be a Yolie, you know?

I’ve always said that it’s Yolie’s world, and we’re just living in it. It’s less of a joke and more of a reality because the fact is there is truly only one Yolanda McCarty. The whole world is privileged to have her, and fortunately will get even more time as she’s off on her newest adventure, enriching the lives of everyone lucky enough to be welcomed into her orbit. I just hope she remembers to take enough photos to share.

Danny Knee | Executive Director

Yolie is the inspiration for why CIC operates the way it does. Her commitment to both our work and to her family are the foundation for the values we hold.

CIC would not be the place of kindness and compassion and elite performance without the example she set in my early days as Director. We all owe her a tremendous debt of gratitude, and I hope all of our blossoming young leaders will remember years from now when they are running the world that her shoulders are among the ones on which they will be standing. 

Malisa Evans | Program Manager

Yoli is the coolest person that I have ever met! She approaches her work and life with such a positive attitude that it is contagious to all those around her. She is not afraid to be herself and say what she is thinking. She makes everyone feel special with a simple hello, birthday lunch or asking to take a selfie with her. I love all of this about her! I will treasure the time we have had working together and look forward to bumping into her at the next horse race, happy hour, or Tucson event. Thank you Yoli for all that you have done for CIC, our community and me!

Thank you for all of the fabulous years, Yolie! We will miss you!

Essential Workers Housing Fund Wins National Award

National Association of Local Housing Finance Agencies honors Essential Workers Housing Fund with Presitigous Award of Single-Family Excellence

From left: Patty Gonzalez, Director of Housing Programs, CIC; Michael Slania, Attorney, The Industrial Development Authority of the County of Pima; Dre Thompson, CEO Tucson Industrial Development Authority

Community Investment Corporation (CIC) is thrilled that the Essential Workers Housing Fund, in collaboration with the Tucson Industrial Development Authority, has been honored with the prestigious Award of Single-Family Excellence by the National Association of Local Housing Finance Agencies (NALHFA).

This recognition not only celebrates the remarkable impact the EWHF has had in providing affordable housing solutions for essential workers but also acknowledges the vital partnership with the Pima County Industrial Development Authority and Tucson Industrial Development Authority.

The Single-Family Excellence award recognizes innovative and creative achievement in single-family projects and programs, focused on low-income households. The Essential Workers Housing Fund was established with the sole purpose of addressing the critical housing needs of individuals whose work is critical for day-to-day life, but are often undervalued and underpaid. The Essential Workers Housing Fund empowered them with affordable homeownership opportunities, and helping them build a foundation for generational wealth.

Director of Housing Programs, Patty Gonzalez, joined Michael Slania and Dre Thompson in Tampa, Florida in May to accept this award. 

This partnership has been instrumental in leveraging resources, expertise, and financing opportunities to make the most impact to our community. Working together, we successfully distributed funds tailored to the needs of essential workers, making the dream of homeownership a reality for our deserving and hard-working neighbors.

Shop Local

Support Your Community by Supporting Small Businesses

If you give gifts for the winter holidays, now is the time to get serious about shopping!

Small Business Saturday is this weekend and CIC has put together a feature of local businesses (owned by people in Tucson!) that you can consider for your events and gifts.

Check out our recommendations below!

***Special Note: If you are interested in baked goods from Song & Sugar Sweets or Sydney’s Sweet Shoppe, contact them ASAP! Bakery calendars fill up fast during this season!

Baked Goods

Song & Sugar Sweets

Sydney’s Sweet Shoppe


Healthful Flowers

Fungirl’s Fungi

Home Improvement

Originate Natural Building Materials

Fashion and Apparel

Iwona Ash



Kinetic Arts Tucson

Media and Marketing

Regal Fierce Media


Wayne Locke

CIC’s Homeownership Team Has Been Busy!

Have You Seen Us Lately?

Community Investment Corporation’s (CIC) Homeownership Team has been busy!

CIC is now the only organization facilitating the Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC) program for the entire State of Arizona. We have been out and about to spread the word and help homebuyers in all counties purchase a home.

Did you miss the August MCC info session?

Watch the recording on YouTube!

Recent Wins!

It’s easy to get lost in the weeds of everyday life and forget how impactful our work is, so we want to share some positive news with you.

  • In mid-August, the max benefit for the Essential Worker grant DOUBLED to $5,000.
  • The number of households receiving the Essential Worker grant fund is increasing; 16 Essential Workers became homeowners in August.
  • We just added a new easy-to-use map to our website that makes finding target areas for the MCC program effortless. Take a look!
  • MSN.com featured CIC and the MCC program in A first-time homebuyer’s guide to Arizona.

Did you know homebuyers can use the MCC IN ADDITION TO other programs like Down Payment Assistance and the Essential Worker’s Fund? These programs not only bring homeownership within reach for some first-time homebuyers, they increase the buying power, which benefits the homeowner, the realtor, and the lender. It is truly a win-win-win situation!

Sign up for the last Mortgage Credit Certificate info session we’re hosting this year!

📅 Wednesday, November 9
⌚ 1-2 p.m.
💻 Zoom

CIC is Lighting the Night

Join CIC in bringing light to the darkness of cancer!

Community Investment Corporation (CIC) is proud to partner with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) for Light The Night! We are fundraising for the cause, and will be lighting the night in Tucson, Phoenix, Los Angeles, and Seattle. The Tucson team will be Lighting the Night on October 22.

We hope that you join us!

As a nonprofit, especially one focused on boosting our community, we are passionate about partnering with other nonprofits who also do good in the community.

That is why CIC will match donations up to $250 PER PERSON!


Why are we doing this?

CIC is a nonprofit dedicated to financial empowerment. We believe no person who has to undergo cancer treatments should be financially paralyzed in the process. Life-saving treatment should not come at such a high monetary cost for the patients and we are hoping our efforts will ease that burden.

If you want to support LLS and Light the Night but are not able to make it to the walk, consider making a contribution on the CIC team’s fundraising page! Thank you for supporting us and our partners!