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Businesses that Prosper!

Empowering Small Businesses in Southern Arizona.

At CIC, we’re dedicated to empowering small businesses in Southern Arizona. With our commitment to providing access to capital through non-traditional financing resources, we help businesses thrive. Explore our competitive interest rates and flexible terms to accelerate your growth journey! Small businesses serve as the backbone of our economy, igniting job opportunities and nurturing community development. Be part of the 99.7% of U.S. firms that are small businesses and unlock customized financing solutions tailored to your aspirations. Let’s turn your entrepreneurial vision into a tangible success story.

Small Loans for Big Change

Did you know that over 220,000 small businesses in Arizona apply for financing each year? Cash flow is essential for seizing new opportunities and sustaining growth. Whether it’s managing inventory, improving cash flow, or investing in equipment, CIC is here to support your journey as a small business owner. Together, let’s fuel Arizona’s economic backbone and drive success.


If you are interested in applying for financing, please fill out our inquiry / pre-application form. This will help us learn more about which product offerings might apply to you, and will ensure you don’t waste your time by filling out the wrong application.

We help southern Arizona business owners take the next step in growing their business by providing financing when others won’t.

CIC is a financial empowerment nonprofit that gives members of our community who are often shut out and left behind in an imperfect capitalist system, access to the knowledge and financing they need to pursue new opportunities because a more equitable society is a more just society.

Equity begins with radical access to capital.

In addition to our small business lending we are always looking for innovative ways to bring capital to places shut out of the economy, from leveraging global crowdfunding resources, to reimagining how lending decisions are made through our BIPOC Community-Managed Loan Fund, and much more!

For more information

If you are not ready to apply but would like to discuss the possibility of a loan or have questions, we are here to help!

Contact us at or 520-529-1766 x222.