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Bajo Tierra Kitchen

The first recipients of a loan from the CIC and Community Food Bank lending partnership were business partners Cynthia Smith and Elianna Madril, whose business, Bajo Tierra Kitchen, sells Sonoran kimchi—the classic Korean fermented cabbage dish with a local twist

Organizational Mission:

Bajo Tierra uses locally-grown, organic ingredients, and was borne out of a passion for preserving excess produce that would otherwise go to waste.

Use of Loan Funds:

The loan capital allowed Bajo Tierra to rent a commercial kitchen and purchase the equipment necessary to expand their operation.


“It’s a chance to support local growers, create new job opportunities, and keep local food out of landfills,” said Smith of the business. “All while providing unique, local food to the community.”

While Bajo Tierra’s kimchi is already available at some local farmers’ markets, Smith and Madril have big dreams for the business and its impact on the Tucson community—and the CIC is helping to bring those dreams to life.  “We have all the plans in place,” said Smith. “We just needed a small amount of capital to get started. We’re so grateful to the Community Food Bank and Community Investment Corporation for helping us make this dream a reality.”

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