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Who We Are

We Know Your Worth

Community Investment Corporation (CIC) is a nonprofit dedicated to the financial empowerment of Pima County and the surrounding area since 1996. We give the members of our community, who are shut out of and left behind in our economy, access to the knowledge and financing they need to pursue new opportunities. 

CIC unlocks the door to prosperity for all members of our community to meaningfully participate in our powerful but imperfect capitalist economic system and reclaim the American Dream.

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Committed to expanding economic opportunities, we pursue three distinct program areas that are foundational to individual and community well-being:


Helping aspiring homeowners through tax credits and down payment assistance


Providing much needed financing to small businesses and nonprofits, as well as, introducing innovative systems to promote private investment in early stage businesses.


Assisting schools with access to capital, bond compliance, and family engagement


The system may not recognize your value, but we do.

Our goal is to promote economic inclusion for all members of southern Arizona, regardless of socioeconomic status.  We will achieve it by leveraging our financial and knowledge capital into the areas of our local economy where expansion of access is desperately needed.  Specifically, our work ensures that more people in our community can buy homes, can access the education they want for their children, and can get the funding they need to start, sustain, and grow their small businesses.

The guiding principle we live by is: Nobody who has the desire and diligence to participate in our economy should ever be on the outside looking in.