Micro loans target often overlooked businesses

Community Investment Corporation (CIC) BIPOC Loans are changing the game for often overlooked businesses. Katrina Calderon, one of three owners of Regal Fierce Media Company, remembers very clearly the day she received the email saying she and her partners had been approved. 

The $10,000 loan enabled Calderon and partners — Luke Ralston and husband Daniel Calderon — to upgrade their cameras, lenses and other equipment that catapulted the fledgling company to outstanding local professionals making $500,000 a year.


“It was the greatest feeling once we got notified we were going to get the money,” she said. “It just truly was life-changing for us because after that we were able to get a nice job with Tucson Federal Credit Union because we had nice cameras. … These cameras made us look that much better and then that one job led to multiple other jobs … and it was just simply because we leveled up our game.”