Mortgage Credit Certificates are a blessing! – Leslie A.

“My lender added the MCC when I was closing on my house because she knew about the benefits of signing me up for the program. I’ve saved thousands over the years. One year, I used the money toward the purchase of a car – it’s so hard to save for big purchases like that. I’m surprised that some tax preparers don’t know anything about it. I try to share what I know with CPA’s because the MCC is a complete blessing!” – Leslie A.

The Mortgage Credit Certificate helped me with my house upgrade! – Rodney B.

“The tax credit is great – the refund definitely helps with big things like bills and home improvement projects. One year, my tax person asked how I got the MCC because he said it was like finding gold for homeowners. The best part about the MCC though is how helpful it was when I first purchased my house. The MCC allowed me to qualify for a better mortgage so I able to buy in the community where I wanted to live.”  – Rodney B.

The Mortgage Credit Certificate helped me pay off my debt! – Denise B.

“I found out about the Mortgage Credit Certificate from a peer at work. With the program, I save an extra $500 to $1,200 every year on my taxes. With this savings, I’ve been able to pay off my debt faster. For me, it’s not just about the discount, though. When I got in the program, I went through classes for first time homeowners. Being able to educate myself before buying was very beneficial. I recommend the MCC program to anyone I know who is looking to buy a house.”  – Denise B.

Mortgage Credit Certificate is simple to use!- Howard B.

“My realtor told me about the MCC program when I was buying my house. Every year I use it, I end up owing less money at tax time. The program is simple, especially if you do your own taxes like I do. It’s really not very difficult given the benefits you receive. I have and will continue to recommend the program.”  – Howard B.